Here at Covtek, we lead the way in the design, development and application of IP CCTV, with cameras fulfilling functions from retail security to securing commercial sites.

All our systems record onto network video recorders. These have substantial benefits for end users, from their flexibility of operation to bottom line economics.

With the low cost high capacity hard drives, the latest network video recorders are more than capable of recording as much as 25 frames per second over 31 days. Incidents are recorded onto CD/DVD or USB sticks.

  • Record any person entering your premises
  • Recording production lines in factories
  • Visual verification of visitors (commercial or domestic)
  • Remotely monitor a commercial site off site 24 hours a day
  • Monitor and protect stock levels
  • View live pictures from home or anywhere in the world.

CCTV Rentals

4 Camera Systems installed from £12.50 per week

8 Camera Systems installed from £25.00 per week

16 Camera Systems installed from £50.00 per week

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