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Central Station Monitoring

Monitoring costs from £7.50 - €12.00 Per Day

Stop False Alarms - Visual Verification at Central Station.

What makes Coleraine Company COVTEK CCTV different from conventional closed circuit television installers?

We have adopted a new approach to a traditional camera installation normally installed in business premises with the introduction of remote monitoring of premises via central station. Many of our customers experienced arriving on site in the morning to find their sites vandalised, equipment damaged and items stolen causing serious disruption or in some cases major financial stock loss or production down time. Watching the CCTV footage the following morning was of little use and a poor source of evidence. Having a remote monitoring system installed cut out the need for man guarding which was very costly and not always successful in deterring damage and losses on site.

How does the system work?

We install infrared beams around the site; as soon as a beam is activated by an intruder live images are transmitted via broadband to central station and an instant audio warning is given telling intruders they are being monitored and the PSNI or Garda has been informed.

(Infrared Beams above)

Are companies in Northern Ireland using this system?

Yes we are inundated with enquiries and the business is expanding rapidly. We have installed over 50 remotely monitored sites in the past two years in Northern Ireland alone and clients include many leading blue chip companies.

Do we only do remote monitoring CCTV systems now?

Some of our customers do not require remote monitoring systems. We also have systems that monitor shops, monitor factory production lines etc. We have recently installed over 100 cameras in one of Northern Irelands largest poultry processing factories.